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MPS certificates

04 september 2019

Registration of the amount of fertilizers, crop protection agents, water and energy use. The less used, the more sustainable the cultivation will be.
We are MPS-A, we use as few fertilizers, crop protection agents and water as possible and the Herenwerf location uses sustainable geothermal heat to heat the greenhouse.

A certificate for growers who supply to retailers. This describes how safety, (company) hygiene, traceability and personnel policies are carried out.

MPS-Social Qualified:
Sets requirements for the (social) personnel policy of the company.

MPS Product-Proof:
Registration of crop protection agents.
By registering within 24 hours after the use of plant protection products and by conducting 4 periodic leaf sample surveys per year, we can demonstrate which plant protection products we do and do not use. This way we are transparent in our use of resources.