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Decorum Company

The quality brand Decorum Plants & Flowers has been a household name in the international trade since 1999.
A club of specially selected, passionate plant and flower growers form the basis for this. Under the noticeable 'Decorum flag',
Decorum Plants & Flowers brings a line of 4000 products, which are available in more than 40 countries thanks to our network of selected exporters.

Feel Green
Feel Green is the sustainable brand name of Decorum Company.
Feel Green offers a full range of plants that embrace the following values: sustainability, quality and innovation.


Flowers in all their exciting colours and shapes express beauty and emotion. Plants also contribute to a nice and healthy environment. Flora Holland makes it possible that all these beautiful flowers and healthy plants find their way to the consumers. These ornamental plants are of superior quality and have been grown with respect to the environment.

Geothermal Energy

Together with several other growers J&P ten Have are preparing to drill for geothermal energy. This is called Project GeoPower Oudcamp.

The aim is to attempt to produce products in a sustainable manner and to obtain added value to the market position.

M. Koppe

For decades different pot plants have been cultivated at M. Koppe, the Begonia Eliator for one. From the mid seventies of the last century Begonia propagation is our speciality. To improve the quality of the Begonia assortment we started our own breeding programme in 1987.


Beekenkamp Plants B.V is propagator and breeding specialist in house and garden plants.Beekenkamp is a market leader in Begonia Elatior, Cyclamen, Dahlia, platycodon and prominent with many other crops. Beekenkamp sells more than 350 million plants worldwide. Beekenkamp distinguishes itself with quality, specialism and cultivation knowledge of a variety of breeds.


Microflor propogates new assortments of ornamental breeds, Gloxinia Sonata is one of them. It is our ambition to be the leading authority in Europe. We would like to be a strategic partner for professional growers by working together, intensively and with a personal approach.

Stichting de Zaaier

Stichting de Zaaier is a practical aid organization from Westland, who with their knowledge of agriculture, specific equipment and financial resources, focuses on several rural areas in the Northeast of Congo.

Dümmen Orange

Dümmen Orange represents a legacy of floricultural excellence more than a century in the making,
providing the largest selection of superior flowers and plants on earth.

By uniting the world’s top breeders under one distinctive brand, we blend traditional techniques
and emerging technologies. Globally accessible and locally embedded,
we continue to be at the forefront of our industry while bringing stability
and opportunity to our partners and associates worldwide.