Poinsettia Premium Red

Plant Characteristics

The Premium Red has dark green leaves with large bracts and branches very well. Premium Red has beautiful red coloured flowers.
The plant has approximately 4-5 flowers bracts.


Premium Red is only available in pot size 13 cm and is available from about
week 46/47 until week 50/51 at J&P ten Have.

Pot # per pot Color Height Barrel Low Cart
12 cm 1 Red 30-35 cm x 6 4 x 6 (24) 20 x 6 (120)

Care Tips

The Poinsettia grows best with plenty light, but avoid direct sunlight and a lot of draught. Water the Poinsettia regularly with lukewarm water, this will avoid the leaves from falling off. When watering use fertilizer regularly. Just moisten the soil when watering.