Poinsettia Premium Lipstick

Plant characteristics

The Premium Lipstick has dark green leaves with large bracts and branches very well. The Premium Lipstick has a beautiful pink flower.
The plant has approximately 4-5 flowers bracts.


Premium Lipstick is available in pot size 12 cm and is available from about 
week 46 until week 50/51 at J&P ten Have.


Pot # per pot Color Height Barrel Low Cart
12 cm 1 Pink 30-35 cm x 6 4 x 6 (24) 20 x 6 (120)

Care tips

The Poinsettia benefits from a lot of light but avoid direct sunlight and a lot of draught. Water the Poinsettia regularly with lukewarm water, this will avoid leaves from falling off. When watering use fertilizer regularly and make sure you only wet the surface of the soil and not the plant