Syngonium Arrow

Plant characteristics

The Syngonium Arrow is a cool houseplant, it gives your living room a real botanical look. The plant originates from the tropical rainforests of South America, the family name is Araceae. The Syngonium Arrow stands out because of its beautiful white variegated leaves and arrow-shaped leaves.


The Syngonium Arrow is available in pot size 17 cm and available from approximately week 50 to week 6 at J&P ten Have.

Pot # per pot Color Height Barrel Low Cart
17 cm 1 Groen/Bont 35-40 cm x 6 4 x 6 (24) 20 x 6 (120)

Care tips

The Syngonium Arrow is an easy houseplant with a good shelf life. The Syngonium Arrow is not very demanding of its position, as longg as direct sunlight is avoided. Be careful with cold or draft, it doesn't like that. Water the Syngonium Arrow regularly and make sure the soil is slightly moist. Too much water ('wet feet') can cause the plant to rot. You can simply water the Syngonium Arrow directly on the potting soil. Regularly add some plant food to the water, so that the Syngonium Arrow retains its ornamental value much longer.