Philondendron Fuse

Plant characteristics

The Philondendron Fuse is a strong plant and easy to maintain. This plant originally comes from the tropical rainforest of South America. The dark green leaves with white stripes provide a unique look. Because of the white lines, the Philondendron Fuse is also called 'zebra plant'. With every new leaf that this plant produces, the white stripes appear to be even whiter. The Philondendron Fuse shines in any home of office and creates a nice tropical atmosphere.


The Philondendron Fuse is available in pot size 17 cm and available from approximately week 2 to 4 and from week 6 to 9 at J&P ten Have.

Pot # per pot Color Height Barrel Low Cart

Care Tips

The Philondendron Fuse prefers a light place, but not direct sunlight. Make sure the soil is slightly moist, without the well-know 'wet feet'. You can simply water the Philondendron Fuse directly on the potting soil. Regularyl add some plant food to the water, so the Philondendron Fuse retains its ornamental value much longer.