Peperomia Rotundifolia


The Peperomia Rotundfolia is a striking, nice ornamental plant and is related to the pepper plant. The Peperomia Rotundfolia has sweet, small, round leaves that grow on the long soft stems of the plant and is easy to care for. Like the other Peperomias, the Rotundfolia has thick, almost succulent-like leaves. This plant is best as a hanging plant or in high decorative pots. Peperomia Rotundfolia is a nice striking houseplant that creates a homely and cosy atmosphere to any interior.


The Peperomia Rotundfolia is available in pot size 17 cm and available from approximately week 36 to week 42 and from week 51 to week 8 at J & P ten Have.

Pot # per pot Color Height Barrel Low Cart

Care Tips

The Peperomia Rotundfolia is easy to care for. The plant likes a light spot but does not like full sun as too much bright light will scorch the leaves. If the trailing stems are getting too long, they can be cut short. Water the Peperomia Rotundfolia about once a week or when the potting soil feels dry. You can simply pour water on top of the soil. Regurlarly add a dash of plant food to the irrigation water, so that the Peperomia Rotundfolia retains its ornamental value for an extra-long time.