Begonia leaf Purple Blush

Plant characteristics

The Purple Blush stands out for its beautiful colours and varied leaf patterns. The leaf begonia Purple Blush is a well-branching variety and the leaves grow compact. The Purple Blush is a real ey-catcher due to its striking colours: green, white an purple, which blend beautifully into each other. This gives the plant exeptional ornamental value.


The Purple Blush is only available in pot size 13 cm and available from approximately week 50 to week 6 at J&P ten Have.

Pot # per pot Color Height Barrel Low Cart

Care Tips

Make sure the Begonia Purple Blush is in a place with a lot of light, but avoid direct sunlight. The soil arround the Purple Blush should be moist at all times, but pay attention to the so-called 'wet feet'. You can simply water the Purple Blush directly on the potting soil. Regularly add some food to the water, so that the Purple Blush retains its ornamental value much longer.