Begonia leaf Maculata

Plan characteristics

The Begonia Maculata or Polka Dot Plant is a trendy houseplant with beautiful serrated leaves that can grow quite large. The stems resemble bamboo and the green leaves have white, almost silver dots. The underside of the leaf also has exceptional decorative value as it has a beautiful red/purple colour.


The Begonia Maculata is available in pot size 17 cm and available from week 51 to week 6 at J&P ten Have.

Pot # per pot Color Height Barrel Low Cart
17 cm 6 Groen/Witte stip 40-45 cm x 4 4 x 4 (16) 20 x 4 (80)

Care Tips

Place the Begonia Maculata in a light spot, but avoid direct sunlight. Make sure the soil around the Maculata is always slightly moist, but pay attention to the so-called 'wet feet' because that is disatrous. You can simply water the Begonia Maculata directly on the potting soil. Regularly add some plant food to the water, so that the Begonia Maculata retains its ornamental value much longer.