Belove Pink

Plant characteristics

The Belove Pink is an extravagant flowering variety with large single flowers and is suitable for indoors as well as outdoors. The colour of the flower is pink with a small yellow heart. The Belove Pink blooms from March to September and tolerates rain well.


Belove Pink is only available in pot size 19 cm and is available from week 45 until 42
at J&P ten Have.

Pot # per pot Color Height Barrel Low Cart
19 cm 2 Pink 35-40 cm x 4 4 x 4 (16) 20 x 4 (80)

Belove Pink care tips indoors

Make sure the Belove Pink is in a place with plenty of light, but avoid direct sunlight. If the Belove Pink is in a dark place, it will flower irregularly. Make sure that the soil remains sufficiently moist, because the plant uses a lot of water during flowering. When watering, use fertilizer regularly. You can simply pour water on the soil. Regularly remove the dead flowers. This helps to prevent mold and prolongs the flowering period of the Belove Pink.

Belove Pink care tips outdoors

The Belove Pink is very suitable as an outdoor plant in the summer months. It can go in a pot on the terrace or in a flower bed. The Belove Pink cannot tolerate direct sunlight, but once the Belove Pink is used to the outside conditions, it can tolerate a lot more light. The Belove Pink can tolerate the evening or morning sun after it gets used to it. In any case, make sure that the roots of the Belove Pink are always sufficiently moist. When the Belove Pink is used in the flowerbed, you can carefully remove the pot it was grown in and plant the Belove Pink in the ground. Make sure that the soil from the container touches the soil from the flower bed. Immediately after planting, thoroughly wet the soil of the flower bed. It is important to water the plant regularly when there is a drought. Of course, this is not necessary when it rains a lot. Removing dead flowers extends the flowering period of the Belove Pink.